Restructuring the nzb project

I’m thinking of dropping the different modules in favour of one single nzb binary. This binary would provide both console and graphical UIs and libnzb would be dropped all together. nzb would be Qt (4) based and completely platform independent. I will probably begin this process when Qt4 enters Debian/Unstable. If anyone feels this is a bad direction please state your concerns before I break it.

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  1. mnordstr says:

    The process is nearly finished and a 0.1 release is waiting around the corner. The project is now written in Qt which means it will/should run on Unix, Win32 and Mac.

  2. téra says:

    great, thanks you for the work!
    but if i have sarge i can’t use it?

  3. mnordstr says:

    Sorry for the delayed response.
    If you have sarge you won’t get Qt 4 from the Debian archive. nzb requires Qt 4 which means you have to get Qt 4 either compiled from source or from a third-party. When you have Qt 4 installed you can compile nzb from source.

  4. William says:

    I’m sad to hear that you are going to drop the libnzb portion of the project. I was very excited when I found this earlier today as it was nearly everything I wanted in 1 package.

    Still, good luck on your project.

  5. mnordstr says:

    Well, I still have an intention to develop it further.

    When nzb gets more mature and I know what and how it should work, I intend to move the backend over to a library again so that the code can be reused. Hopefully something that will work as a library both on unix and windows systems.

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