nzb 0.1.2 Released

This version of nzb adds a few nzb list features, including sorting and clearing. Automatic sub-folder creation when downloading has been added and fixes for the HTTP streamer have been made.


Downloads [Win32, Source]

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  1. Demetris says:

    Excellent program, i love it!
    Please all i want to ask is:
    If only could be done the next few things:
    a)Multiple servers at the same time! An unlimited number of usenet servers can be used to download files at the same time!

    b)Besides being able to download from several servers at the same time.
    To also be able to use up to 99(!!) simultaneous download threads per server. This could, for example, be used to download 99 pictures from a server at the same time!

    c)Please add a download speed tab! 100 kb/s download speed (example)

    And final a minimize to tray button could be very usefull for everyone

    Thank you very much in advance

  2. mnordstr says:


    I’m glad you like it.

    Multiple server support is something I intend to add in the future. nzb already supports multiple connections on one server (simultaneous downloads). It’s the integer in Options->Server.

    Download speed has been added on CVS and will exist in the next version.

    The best way to get features in nzb is to add the requests on the Sourceforge tracker at . Requests added there will not be forgotten 😉

  3. Derk says:

    I finally found an opensource news grabber, I hope you keep improving this, it looks good, I only had to restart the program when I filled in the options.
    maybe you can add:
    “estimated time” function
    auto shutdown
    program Icon
    progress bars

    i tell you this, this way because i don’t want to login on source forge etc…

  4. mnordstr says:

    Speed and total progress bar have been added to CVS and will be in the next release. The rest of the features will probably enter the next release or a release in the near future.

    Thanks for your comments and ideas!

  5. someone says:

    It would rock if I could edit the queue (or is it possibly and I’m simply to stupid for it?).

    Also, if you wanna be my personal hero, add automatic PAR2 fixing (downloading only as many pars as needed) like in nget 😉

    Also exporting the queue to nzb or another way to save it between restarts would be truly useful.

  6. mnordstr says:

    Yup, these are all features I’d like to see myself and will be added in the future (probably not in the next release though). Most importantly, queue editing is needed and will be added soon.

  7. Derk says:

    When will the next release come out??

  8. mnordstr says:

    I will try to get most of the “critical” features in the next release. It will probably be released within a couple of weeks but I can’t promise anything 😉

  9. binage says:


    For a “under development” nzb website you may want to check
    It’s under development, but offers 400K files already… 🙂

  10. Derk says:

    I forgot to say if you could also program a log, some files on usenet are incomplete and it would nice if you can see what happens…

  11. mnordstr says:

    For the next version I will try to get most of the small features implemented. The version after that will get a rewrite of the file list so that it will become more flexible. This will enable features such as moving files up and down the list, being able to select which files to download, more status reporting such as decoding or download errors for every file, etc.

    A log of error warnings like you mention might also be a good idea to add as a separate area. But I agree that somekind of feedback of the file status is needed.

  12. Rambler says:

    Opened an nzb file and downloaded all the par files, but cannot find where on my local drive these have been downloaded to. Pls advise default location. Also when creating a download folder using ‘Tools|Options’ it appears with a lock icon next to the directory name. Also, in windows explorer the directory is not visible at all. Pls explain.


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