uuencoding decoder broken in 0.1.3

The uuencoding decoder in 0.1.3 has a faulty check that renders it useless. The lack of a check in the output module in combination with the bad decoded data results in a segmentation fault everytime a uuencoded file is decoded.

A fixed version has been committed to CVS.

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  1. Derk says:

    When is the next release, does it also include “auto shutdown computer when done?”


  2. Roland Daggett says:

    I’m using the latest CVS and I’m impressed. Keep up the good work!


  3. mnordstr says:

    I’ve been away for some time so development has been on hold. I’ll try to get the pending features and other issues fixed as soon as possible and get a new release out.

    The auto-shutdown feature may be a little tricky but I’ll add it if it doesn’t require too much tweaking.

  4. Derk says:

    Thnx, sometimes NZB freezes, maybe because of the other programs in te background, but it’s quite anoying, because I can’t do anything when I’m downloading otherwise the program freezes…
    Maybe you know what it is??
    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. mnordstr says:

    Does this happen when you download or stream?

  6. Derk says:

    It happens when I’m downloading, I haven’t used the streaming function yet…

  7. bowhuntr says:

    I have started having a problem with the latest version of NZB. I haven’t used it is a few weeks, but needed to download something today. Everytime I start the download, nzb just exits after it downloads a small amount. No error message or anything. If you need anymore info, let me know. I am on Linspire.

  8. bowhuntr says:

    Well, I thought there was a problem with NZB, but tried another nzb file and it seems to be working fine. Must be a problem with the one file that I was trying to download.

  9. mnordstr says:


    If you have the nzb file you could send it over here, I can track down the problem and fix it. Just dying is never a good thing and a similar situation may come up with another nzb file.

  10. Derk says:

    There is a bug, when I have opent an NZB file and everything is finished downloading, then when I open a new NZB file to leech from usenet he freezes, the only thing I can do is to let it shutdown bij windows and restart the program!


    by the way, when do you think you can launch a new version?

  11. bowhuntr says:

    I sent you 2 nzb files that I thought might have a problem. NZB seems to be very hit and miss for me right now. Some times it works, other times it will just shut down. It seems to be fine on the downloading, but when the decoder kicks in is when it shuts down. This is with yenc encoded mp3’s.

  12. bowhuntr says:

    Upon further review, it seems that some of the files that I have been trying to download weren’t encoded with yenc, they were encoded with uue. I believe that is why I was having problems with it. I know you said that a new version had been checked into cvs, but I have no idea how to go about using cvs. When do you think think a new version will be available thru apt-get?

  13. mnordstr says:

    I checked the files you sent me and they seem to be uuencoded, which is exactly why nzb is segfaulting. I’m right in the middle of a rewrite of the downloader/decoder/output model so the next release is still a few lines of code away.

    What apt repository are you using? I could put up a temporary package from the latest CVS so that the critical bugs get fixed.

  14. bowhuntr says:

    The only thing I have in my sources list is this:deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian stable main contrib non-free
    deb http://non-us.debian.org/debian-non-US stable/non-US main contrib non-free
    deb http://people.realnode.com/~mnordstr/ package/
    Since I am on Linspire, I don’t take the chance of installing much thru apt-get. I mostly get my stuff from their CNR service, but your program hasn’t given me any problems at all. I would be grateful if you could put up a package for me. Feel free to send me an email anytime. I am having to use “another” program to download with and I don’t like it at all. Not that I have much choice on Linux. 😉

  15. bowhuntr says:

    I am using the repository that you list on your site. Could you put a temp package up there? Also, what kind of new features are you planning on including in NZB in the future?

  16. Demetris says:

    Please add multiservers with multi connections.And a download indicator kb/sec download speed.
    Thanks in advance

  17. mnordstr says:

    A new version (the latest CVS snapshot) of the debian package has been uploaded. An apt-get update && apt-get upgrade should fetch it.

    I will try to add the features listed on the feature request page in the near future ( http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=113793&atid=666154 ). More than that I’m not sure yet but there is probably a lot of usability stuff that should get fixed at some point.

  18. bowhuntr says:

    The new version works like a charm, thanks!!!

  19. Derk says:

    When is there a new version, I don’t know how cvs works so I’m still waiting for the next release!!!


  20. mnordstr says:

    It’s still under development.

    There is a big change coming which requires quite a lot of work and I work on it whenever I can. But will still take some time.

  21. slight says:

    I’ve been watching this project for a while now and it looks superb, just what I’m looking for.

    I understand that rewrites can take forever, but some updates on progress on the news page would be really nice 🙂

    keep up the good work!

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