nzb 0.2 Released

This release brings pause/resume support and fixes some minor bugs. Overall stability should be improved.

Downloads [Win32, Source]

2 Responses to “nzb 0.2 Released”

  1. Jeff Root says:

    I like the new version; pause is something I’ve always wanted.

    I did get an error, though:

    QSslSocket::waitForDisconnected() is not allowed in UnconnectedState

    I got many of these; not sure what events they might be related to.

    The app hung at 100%; blank window, 100% in titlebar, no response to close button. I did Ctl-C from the command line (where I started the app) and that was able to kill it.

  2. mnordstr says:

    Thanks for the bug report.

    That’s actually a know issue and a fix has already been made. Will try to release a new version as soon as possible.

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