The nzb Project provides a library and graphical Usenet client for nzb based NNTP downloading and streaming.


    To use nzb you need to have access to a news/nntp (Usenet) server that provides binaries. Your ISP may provide this service to you but you usually need a premium usenet provider. I strongly recommend Giganews which provides a flawless service and a long retention. Especially if you intend to stream data directly Giganews provides both high speeds and complete files.

    Another thing you will need is a Usenet indexing service which provides .nzb files. A well known and good service that provides a Usenet index is Newzbin.


  • Native NZB parser.
  • Native threaded (multiple connections) NNTP client.
  • Native yEnc decoder.
  • Native uuencoding decoder.
  • Multi-threaded NZB streaming.
  • Preliminary RAR support for streams (full multi-volume uncompressed RAR archives can be streamed directly).
  • Built-in SSL support

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