nzb 0.1.9 Released

This is a minor bug fix release. Out of sequence segments in .nzb files are now handled correctly, which may have caused serious problems for certain nzb indexing sites. If previous versions of nzb has not worked at all for you on a specific site this update will probably fix that.


Downloads [Win32, Source]

3 Responses to “nzb 0.1.9 Released”

  1. kisterror says:

    It always crashes when I uncheck files 🙁

  2. Disgruntled says:

    What a piece of garbage. Don’t use this. If you accidentally click the play button instead of start, it downloads the entire video into memory and doesn’t save anything anywhere. If VLC doesn’t like it, your hooped. Have to re-download all over again.

  3. Marcellus says:

    A bit unstable, it does work though, I really appreciate you guys working on this! I am using it on Kubuntu 11.10. Keep the good work!!!

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